SAT Test Prep: Raise Your Score Without Studying

presents three simple but non-obvious techniques with which you can boost your score on Critical Reading, Writing and Math sections of the new SAT without studying.
SAT Test Prep: Raise Your Score Without Studying

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  1. SATs already under alot of criticism, so youre absolutely correct that it isnt a definite in which a person who scored higher on the test is necessarily “smarter.” there are alot of factors

  2. if you have a good vocabulary and comprehension of the english language and can calculate mathematical functions well, no need to worry. since its your first time, dont expect a really high score. you need to understand how the test is taken first. the 4 hours will kill you above even writing down your answers with a clear head. some questions, more often than not, is all about common sense. Time is also a factor.

  3. An except from David Mura’s “Turning Japanese” will be on the SAT reading section this year. The Barrons SAT prep book has a passage excerpted from it.

  4. The SAT’s aren’t designed to trick you… All it does is measure what you already know and see how you can apply that knowledge.

  5. Well, the scrambled paragraphs are there to see how well you can organize a paragraph, the logical reasoning problems are basically puzzlez, but when the math comes in…well…just study.

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