SAT Math Tips, Tricks And Strategies – Part I

SAT Math Prep, Tricks, Strategies and Tips Numerous explanations and practice problems. Radicalprep is dedicated to providing you with SAT instructional material. We want to provide you with all of the tips, tricks and strategies you need to raise your score on the SAT. Prepare for the SAT on your time by watching videos and doing practice problems, all with video explanations. Watch each video as many times as you want and share it with anyone you like!


SAT Math Tips, Tricks And Strategies – Part I

20 Replies to “SAT Math Tips, Tricks And Strategies – Part I”

  1. My biggest problem with the math section is how I “translate” the question, like at question 4 with the 3/4 fraction I couldn’t have guessed the way to solve this if I tried! How do I fix this? It does come with practice but it’s still such a blind spot for me.

  2. For Question 7 the question asks you for the value of y not for the inverse proportion of y to x?

  3. youre wasting your time in the first question. wtf? its a freaking easy one and you should have known the answer correctly without doing that dumb things

  4. I’m not even American and I have to take this stupid thing if I want to go to college in America (which I really do) !!!! This is not okay!

  5. This helped me a lot I take them tomorrow morning and the math always confuses me. I’m just worried about the no calculator section

  6. I’m doing it for my third time and i just couldn’t get a high score….. and this video cheered my up a little

  7. At minute 8:43 shouldnt it be y=15 & x=5 so x=1/3y so when x=25 we will make x×3=25×3=75 I miss understood that

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