New SAT Exam: How Should Students Prepare?

As students in the U.S. take the newly redesigned SAT for the first time on March 5, Greenberg Educational Group’s Eric Greenberg explains how the test has changed. Photo: Getty Images

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New SAT Exam: How Should Students Prepare?

15 Replies to “New SAT Exam: How Should Students Prepare?”

  1. I took the SAT on Wednesday, it was pretty decent although I felt that a little bit more time would have helped. I finished most of the sections as soon as time was called.

  2. I took SAT in 2011. It was a shot of my life. I scored decently and I found myself prepared to enter university

  3. Nice! The best way to increase your score, though, is to take a Testmasters SAT prep course! There’s a 200 point score increase guarantee. Use the code LZ069 to save $25 off any exam course! Plus, if you get a perfect score on the SAT you can get a $1000 scholarship! It’s well worth it 🙂

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