Kweller Prep Tutoring & Test Prep to Offer Summer Enrichment & Learning Camp
FOREST HILLS, NY–(Marketwire – April 23, 2012) – Kweller Prep Tutoring, Test Prep, and Educational Services ( is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Summer Enrichment & Learning Camp.
Kweller Prep offers the highest level of educational preparation all summer long in almost every academic subject, especially for the ELA, COOP, TACHS, SHSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and SAT 2 Subject tests, in addition to professionally editing high school, college and graduate school applications.

“We are offering small group, one-on-one, and skype online learning so that we can customize our lessons around everyone’s hectic summer travel plans and recreational activities,” says Frances Kweller, ESQ., an attorney at law, and founder of the highly successful advanced test prep and tutoring company. Ms. Kweller further adds, “Our summer program is designed to help students get ahead for the upcoming year. We keep the program balanced so that students do not miss out on any summer leisure activities, but also don’t lose track of educational efficiency.”

Registration is now open at:


Designed for the busy student, Kweller Prep Tutoring and Educational Services offers unsurpassed test prep and expert high school, college, and graduate school counseling services, which are completely customized to each student’s schedule. Kweller Prep provides on-site, at-home, and skype online educational services. The center is open 7 days a week, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


All Kweller Prep Tutors impressively scored in the 99th percentile on a variety of state and national exams and are tested and retested at the tutoring center. Kweller Prep tutors serve as not only educators, but also as role models and mentors for our students. They are held to high standards, both inside and outside of the tutoring center. Nearly all tutors are first-generation American, have passed thorough background checks, and the first ones in their families to attend top colleges, universities, graduate school and professional school programs.
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Contact Information:

Kweller Prep Tutoring, Test Prep and Educational Services
Conveniently located in the Parker Towers Building
104-40 Queens Blvd. Suite 1F; Forest Hills, NY 11375

Call 1(800) 631 – 1757

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  1. As a former tutor, I’ve always believed that one-on-one sessions were the most beneficial to students learning new subjects. As a result, Kweller Prep Tutoring seems like an amazing, worthwhile opportunity for students planning to enroll in college. Their mantra of providing students with successful tutors truly resonates with guiding student academically and socially.

  2. I understand the need for tutoring and preparation services for students to help students prepare for college and other academic pursuits. Also, the fact that it is a one-on-one service ensures student’s get the most customized and effective tutoring available. It is an interesting concept providing diversified tutoring services (testing, summer enrichment, academic subjects) with multi-lingual tutors given the dearth of prep tutoring available (Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc).

  3. You know what they say, don’ t you? Adequate test preparation and tutoring services that count as hard work amount to 90% of your final grade and the rest of 10% comes down to talent and luck. Thus,if you’ re a busy student with high aspirations,I think the Kweller Camp might just be what you’ re looking for in order to maximize your results. In this time and age, you just need all the help you can get because the competition is so stiff. Try it,I have and I couldn’ t be any more pleased.Cheers.

  4. Kweller Prep is a very flexible test preparation and tutoring service that helps students to achieve high grades in SAT, PSAT, SHSAT, ACT and GRE entrance exams. The one on one tutoring and the highly talented tutor team enables the students to apply to the graduate schools and colleges of their dreams. Kweller Prep is highly recommended for busy students.

  5. The customized lessons by Kweller Prep for tests like PSAT, SAT, ACT etc. keeping in view the other summer activities is really a good news for the students as he/she doesn’t have to sacrifice recreational activities while attending the summer camp. The track record of Kweller Prep Tutors is itself a motivation for the students as a target seems more achievable when a person who has already achieved the same is before me and is teaching the tips and tricks to do so.

  6. Being a former tutor, I understand how many students who may seem to be failing in a classroom setting can really benefit from the one-on-one experience that tutors can provide. Not everybody learns the same, and having a tutor that understands the material and can help you through the important tests can be a real life-changer!

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