Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class

Need help with SAT reading? Join Eric, one of Khan Academy’s SAT experts, for an SAT reading class. During class, Eric explains a proactive approach to answering reading questions and walks through some of the most common types of questions. This is an edited version of our livestream from March 2, 2017.

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Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class

16 Replies to “Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class”

  1. If i got a word or pharse in the passage that i did not understand can i google it either it did not take the form of surrounding ideas….

  2. I think the story about hugging is simply stupid. Can’t u find smarter stories for reaching our kids? NEXT THING you’ll use your position in society to try to get people to have pre marital sex or have multiple partners or whatever!! JUST TEACH the KIDS WILL YA! STOP TRYING TO BRAINWASH THEM with such STUPIDITY as hugging strangers for good health. Please & Thank YOU! Just because something is true doesn;t mean u have the permission to brainwash our kids about the same. HUGGING, KISSING, SEX are NOT TOPICS for a platform like yours to be touching upon. “REMEMBER THAT!”

  3. 6:00 min. when practice at khanacademy the answer for this one is basically (B), an outlet (:D). Wrong strategy then!

  4. Today College board’s profile on Instagram uploaded the same question ( what does vent mean and they said in the comments it’s outlet aka “B”)!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your help, I ended up getting 1420 on the New Sat. You guys really helped me out with your SAT program and I can’t thank you guys at Khan Academy enough!

  6. Your Sets weren’t applicaple for the October 7,2017 SAT.. the SAT was totally different than what we have been practicing on khan academy n college board. Plz do update your video 😡😠

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