How I Self-Studied For The SAT (and Got A 2300+)

I got a 2300+ on the SAT without tutoring or classes.
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How I Self-Studied For The SAT (and Got A 2300+)

10 Replies to “How I Self-Studied For The SAT (and Got A 2300+)”

  1. This question isn’t related to SAT but can someone tell me how important are summer school programs for and before the college?

  2. Guys. I want to self study for it. Tuitions are out of my league. And tell me do o sign up for it online or do i have to get some kinda form or sth? You guys give me study tips since i give my SAT in oct

  3. I know this is late but, did the colleges you applied checked your gpa on all of your grades (9-12) or just one.

    Plus if I have a bad gpa like 2.5-3.5 but got a good score on the sat will I have a chance on going to a good college?

  4. I have 1-2 months to study for the SAT,,,, the 2017 one. Should I memorize math formulas? And vocab words? I’m very good with writing and context clues, and I’m good with math if I know the formulas, so I wanted to know if they give us the formulas or if I have to memorize them? And If I do have to memorize, which ones should I memorize? I think this year the math part of SAT goes up to geometry. Also, just to clarify, I’m so clueless bc I’m already out of high school, and I did high school online, so I didn’t have any teachers helping me with this stuff.

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