Chemistry SAT Subject Test – Five Tips

ArborBridge tutor, Kate, shares her top 5 Tips for the Chemistry SAT Subject Test. For more information, visit

Chemistry SAT Subject Test – Five Tips
1. Become an Expert in Topics You Do Know
2. Always Skip Stoichiometry Questions
3. In True/False Section, Only Worry About ‘Because’ if Both Answers are True
4. Be Careful of Ions
5. Always Read Carefully
Chemistry SAT Subject Test – Five Tips

6 Replies to “Chemistry SAT Subject Test – Five Tips”

  1. very interesting about the stoichiometry hint! Although I work rather quickly, I’ll have to try it out and see if it helps

  2. I am glad the comment about stoichiometry was helpful! Since you only have about 42 seconds per question, you don’t want to miss solving 10 additional questions in the time it would spend solving this one stoichiometry question! If you are still having issues in getting your score where you want, we would be glad to do a 30 minute free demo for you on preparing for the SAT Chemistry test!

  3. Hi Citrine! A student can achieve a perfect 800 on the exam even if they leave 3-4 questions blank. By skipping the 2-3 stoichiometry questions on the exam, that will give you time to accurately solve the remaining questions, which will in fact increase the likelihood of scoring a perfect 800! Strong students can even come back and answer the stoichiometry questions at the end, but skipping them in the beginning will lesson the feeling of time pressure (which often leads to silly errors).

  4. Do you know how many points are taken off if you get one part of the true or false question right and the second part wrong? Is the whole thing marked wrong or it is different?

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