SAT Test Proctor & Timer (New Format) – Full Test

SAT test / exam proctoring and timer for the new format (from march 2016). This video includes all sections of the SAT New Format, proctor, speech, 5 minutes warning before the end f each section and essay.
I have build this for my own and finally decided to make it available on youtube. My tip for the SAT exam is to use this video on each simulation to experience the ultimate test mood.

Newest SAT Format summary:
preparation: 20 sec.
First section: Reading Test 65 min.
Break: 10 min.
Second section: Writing and Language Test 35 min.
Third section: Math Test- No Calculator section 25 min.
Break: 5 min.
Fourth section: Math Test- Calculator section 55 min.
Break: 2 min.
Fifth section: Essay 50 min.

SAT- Scholastic Assessment Test
I hope that my sharing on Youtube would be useful.
And I would be curios and glad to hear your comments, especially if you find this video beneficial.

Thanks you
By EasyTest
SAT Test Proctor & Timer (New Format) – Full Test

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  1. OK. So this one is exactly like the real test. I believe that using this one makes more confident- I will send this link to my classmates which makes another course.

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