SAT Practice Test – Percentages Review

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SAT Practice Test – Percentages Review

16 Replies to “SAT Practice Test – Percentages Review”

  1. the second one is WRONG. just think about it how can 20% which is 1600 of the reg price be 2000? now what i did was 100-20=80. that is the amount left so i did 1600 x 80 and divided it by 20 which gave me 8000. that is a more reasonable ans

  2. the last one is a lot easier if you do a proportion. okay you know that 120=45 and you wanna find 80%. so multiply 80 x 45 then divde it by 120 and you get 30. it takes only 15 secs

  3. jazzzggg. The second one is correct. 1600 is not 20% of the regular price which is 2000, it is 20% “off” the regular price which is 2000. Take that into account and re figure. You will come up with 2000 as the correct “regular price”. you are correct however, if 1600 were 20% of 2000 the answer would be 8000. However the way you did it seems kind of drawn out. I simply converted 20% to a decimal and devided 1600 by that decimal which was .2 and came up with the 8000 to check your math.

  4. if someone really has to go through all that work to figure out such a simple problem, they don’t really have any hope on the SAT anyway. the last problem… seriously?
    if you don’t understand that, then you’re just screwed.

  5. for the last question i just devided 45 by 120 then multiplied the sum by 80
    just two steps and i saved a lot of time

  6. so for the first one i got the same answer but in a much simpler way… set equations 45/x = 20/100 cross multiply so 45×100=4500 then divide by 20 which is 225… subtract 45 180! bam.. not watching the rest of the video

  7. this guy made the 2nd question way to hard heres the easy way
    45/x = 120/100 cross multiply and you get 120x = 4500 which equals to x = 37.5.
    37.5 is 100% now they want you to find 80% do the same thing again. x/37.5 = 80/100
    x = 80% which means x = 30

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