New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 4 – Q1-10

SAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies for the new test – coming March 2016. Here’s a walkthrough of Practice Test #1 Section 4 under timed conditions.
Link to download:
New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 4 – Q1-10

16 Replies to “New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 4 – Q1-10”

  1. Thank you so much for your help I find myself with more confidence and a clearer mind going through math in all fields now!

  2. Hi im using the barrons sat text book to study, i know the old book had harder questions to the actual exam. Is it the same with the new book??

  3. Thank You so much as we don’t always have this nice of a tutor explaining very clearly ,making jokes and gives these videos for FREE.yeah,you might make profit but,you dont get additional money from people,and thats why I think you should earn a new subscriber every day ^.^

  4. if you are short on time like 3 days b4 test short i recommend speeding up video to 1.25 or 1.5 to go throuugh the video and problems faster, video is very much watchable at those speeds.

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