New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 3 – Q1-10

SAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies for the new test – coming March 2016. Here’s a walkthrough of Practice Test #1 Section 3 under timed conditions.
Link to download:
New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 3 – Q1-10

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  1. my math score went up 110 points after watching your videos. thank you. best channel to help for sat math

  2. I was thinking that SAT were a lot more difficult than that, this is to enter college right?

  3. Hi, do you think you can do the same but for the AS physics exam (Cambridge international physics exam)? Thank you.

  4. lol I have my sat tomorrow and haven’t done anything to study.. am I screwed?

  5. I’m so surprised to find out that SAT math problems are too easy like this.
    If Korean high school students solve these problems , over 70% of them will be able to find correct answers in 5 minutes, in fact for most of them even 5 minutes could be too long time (10 problems in the video)
    I don’t mean to say Korean students are smart but they seem to be too overloaded by their math courses, compared to those of other developed countries

  6. most grade 7 or 8 chinese student can solve these problems within 5 mins. if this is grade 12 math, US is in deep trouble competing

  7. This guy is hilarious, which is awesome because his humor retains my attention unlike most videos

  8. hey, just want to say that your videos helped me to prepare for my SAT yesterday! thanks a bunch man

  9. Indian tests like jee are 10 times harder at least , this is so easy, I’m fifteen years old and I could solve it easily

  10. Do you think you could do the same with the AS Physics exam? Or anyone else who is reading this comment.

  11. i feel pity on the students of my country rofl
    instead of searching for SAT courses online downloading pdfs and buying 10-20$ books and checking youtube
    they prefer to spend 100$-200$ on consultancies rofl
    where they are made to solve problems rather than learning some thing new

  12. My channel is about solving new sat books im starting with barrons so i wish you can go watch my first video its about solving sat math

  13. OMG I feel like i forget everything. its been 10 years still I’ve been in College. I looking to go back but I never did my SAT’s since the College i when to had there own test.

  14. I just wanna say and i have to say this …
    ‘I love you man’ 😍
    Genious 😍😍

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