Khan Academy Live: AP US History

Taking AP US History? Prep for the AP exam with our free live tutoring session. Kim, our history expert, will share tips and strategies for the exam.

Study for AP US History on Khan Academy:

Sal and Kim cover 400 years of US history in an hour:

Khan Academy Live: AP US History

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  1. no use to indians if to americans ok .pure english nit understand very fast

  2. Thanks khan academy you helped me a lot throw school it is almost out and I am almost 11 but you still helped me a bunch especially algerbra! So thanks.

  3. A focus on immigration and the glided age and the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments, of all the periods in history they study that one. Well I can see that the colleges don’t have an agenda, in educating youth about the most oppressive times in our society. Enjoy the oppression Olympics snowflakes

  4. Totally gonna fail this exam but figured I might at least try a little the night before .. fingers crossed I get higher than a 1 tomorrow XD

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