Intro To Vectors & Scalars | One-dimensional Motion | Physics | Khan Academy

Distance, displacement, speed and velocity. Difference between vectors and scalars. Created by Sal Khan.

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Physics on Khan Academy: Physics is the study of the basic principles that govern the physical world around us. We’ll start by looking at motion itself. Then, we’ll learn about forces, momentum, energy, and other concepts in lots of different physical situations. To get the most out of physics, you’ll need a solid understanding of algebra and a basic understanding of trigonometry.

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Intro To Vectors & Scalars | One-dimensional Motion | Physics | Khan Academy

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  1. I think I wasted all my 11due ….if I was seen this earlier I can save 1 yr…..really helpful….two.

  2. hello ,pls answered to me,im phyesic teacher but i want to learn englisgh very well ,and i don’t know from where i can start ,and which site is good for me .can you helo me?

  3. sometimes the teachers of school now that you dont undertod them but they put in themself something like i know you dont know but its okey you ll get it when we go to the next step

  4. Khan is awesome but he needs to STOP REPEATING WORDS LIKE 3 TIMES IN A ROW AS HE WRITES THEM. My ears are bleeding

  5. What’s even more amazing is his mouse control. I can’t even draw like that with a pencil.

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