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Slope of a line

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Algebra I on Khan Academy: Algebra is the language through which we describe patterns. Think of it as a shorthand, of sorts. As opposed to having to do something over and over again, algebra gives you a simple way to express that repetitive process. It’s also seen as a “gatekeeper” subject. Once you achieve an understanding of algebra, the higher-level math subjects become accessible to you. Without it, it’s impossible to move forward. It’s used by people with lots of different jobs, like carpentry, engineering, and fashion design. In these tutorials, we’ll cover a lot of ground. Some of the topics include linear equations, linear inequalities, linear functions, systems of equations, factoring expressions, quadratic expressions, exponents, functions, and ratios.

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Finding The Slope Of A Line From Its Graph | Algebra I | Khan Academy

38 Replies to “Finding The Slope Of A Line From Its Graph | Algebra I | Khan Academy”

  1. I have a math exam next week and I was just studying and I just did not understand how to find the slope, so thanks for this video explaining it:)

  2. So I have a question. On khan, I tried to do the slope exercises but I keep getting them wrong. I’ll pick two points on the graph, but my points that I pick are different than Sal’s what do I do?!?

  3. I would love if someone from your academy just started shouting “KHAAAAN KHAAAAAN”  during a session

  4. Is it just me or teachers make this 60% harder than it has to be like they take 45 minutes to explain this and confuse every 1 n in youtube is in 5 minutes and easier to understand

  5. Why are there 116 dislikes? I don’t see anything wrong with this video. It’s simple but this isn’t calculus slopes.
    Oh wait, this didn’t help me much. I still have no clue how to draw the lines from equations. But still: I won’t dislike it. They tried.

  6. dude you are a hero. I think I speak for everyone when I say you are amazing, thanks for the help.

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