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Sal covers the major content changes to the new SAT.

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New SAT (starting March 2016) on Khan Academy: Practice all of the skills you’ll need for the new SAT. We also have four official practice exams from College Board. The October 2015 PSAT is in the style of the new SAT.

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Content Changes To The New SAT | Tips & Planning | New SAT | Khan Academy

20 Replies to “Content Changes To The New SAT | Tips & Planning | New SAT | Khan Academy”

  1. Thank you for this video! I feel more calmer and will prepare for this SAT easier through Kahn Academy

  2. I really love how you guys post tons of videos at the same time, so that way when I look at my subscriptions I get to press “load more” 5 times before I see anyone but you all. I like pressing that button a whole lot, and I can tell you guys like to push buttons too!

  3. This is really useful for those of us that are going to be taking the SATs over the next couple of years (granted that they don’t change it again)

  4. Damn you Sal stop spamming videos!! You’re only useful when I have a math or chemistry exam lol and my chemistry exam is on Sunday :(.

  5. Stopped following you since you post too many videos at once. It is extremely annoying.

    Might consider following you again if you stop spamming.

  6. Of course. The year I can’t take an SAT because I’m a senior, they change the test to make it easier. OOOOFFFF COUUURSE.

  7. Wow Thank-you! I’m sad I will not be able to take this SAT, but I am glad they are guiding this test as being more about college readiness and now how well you can do on that stupid test!

  8. Please release an app for Android which includes test as it helps me take test on the go Sal I use Khan academy daily through 3rd Party apps but I can’t use the best features of it please

  9. Really proud of all of you for actually caring about your score and wanting to do well! I know too many who are just going to wing it, I hope you all get a great score and I hope I do too, haha.

  10. @Khan Academy- Is it possible to print out all the questions from there directly instead of doing the quizzes?

  11. I going to take SAT test this October and it is a NEW SAT, which I feel lucky that it is the NEW. Old SAT sound pretty awful.

    Thanks you Khan

  12. How accurate are the Khan Academy practice tests? I know they teamed up with the college board to make the practices, however, are the questions going to be exactly like the practice tests but with different numbers and topics?

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