ACT Test Prep – Science

This is the first clip of an 8 video course aimed to help high school students understand the science portion of the ACT test. The Science section is usually the most misunderstood part of the ACT test and hopefully this video series will help students tremendously. The booklet for this video is on our website –

the booklet for this exercise is at our website –

ACT Test Prep – Science

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  1. Then you probably shouldn’t have clicked on the video, if you don’t want help then don’t look for it.

  2. I just finished teaching the Math and Science for our ACT Extreme class tonight. Awesome group. Kids had to have a 27 or better to get in the class – over have the class are now at 32-33 or better. Check out all our resources on allpencilsdown. Need any help just email me.

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  4. I had an 18 in English! Math, science and reading were about 30ish. English is my second language. :/ screwed

  5. Just got back from the ACT (with writing)…the thing about the science section is there are an assload of problems.  I had to randomly fill in at least 20 problems, so I recommend being as fast as you can with the science section.

  6. Thank you so much!!! After watching these videos (and a few more practice tests) I raised my ACT score from a 25 to a 34! 

  7. TAKING the ACT for my first time this March. And taking it again in April. I’m a nervous wreck.

  8. Thanks! I think you covered a lot of the main points for achieving a high score on the science. You clearly have lots of experience.

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