ACT Test Prep – Science Passage 2

This is the 3rd video in the set reviewing the ACT science test. I hope you enjoy this one too.
ACT Test Prep – Science Passage 2

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  1. All of these passages are from a former ACT test and I have about 20 former ACT tests and these science questions are very similar to the actual test. In the science test the questions in each passage go from simple data look up to analysis to conclusion drawing. The conclusion drawing generally cause people the most difficulty because it requires an understanding of the passage and info presented and frequently will not be found explicitly in the passage.

  2. I need to get a 29 so that I can qualify for a scholarship. I have only taken practice test . What should I do.
    Thanks for the help by the way

  3. I have a question for you?

    Recently scored a 23 on the science which wasn’t bad, but I didn’t study for this part. I’m afraid that it was a fluke and the next time I take the test this particular section will be my weakest. So does this happen to students?

    I also was wondering if you have a PDF copy of the book your using? I know that recently the act website has current one’s, but not past ones.

  4. answer 8 – C
    answer 9 – C
    answer 10- C
    answer 11 – C
    answer 12 – C
    answer 13 – C

    no matter what ACT test you have, the answer is always C.
    thats how i got my 16, BOO-YA!

  5. Is it wise to skip the analyzing of the graph until you are asked a question about it later on? Thank you so much!

  6. How do I access a copy of this practice ACT to follow along with you?
    It seems helpful but without the practice test in front of me how do I follow..thanks

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