ACT Science Strategies: 3 Ways You Can Hack The Science Section

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Taking the ACT soon and not feeling so confident in the science section? Feeling anxious despite the fact that you’ve studied pretty hard, or maybe not at all? WELL, wherever you are in your ACT Prep, here are 3 strategies while taking the ACT Science Section to save time, choose the right answers, and improve your overall score!

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ACT Science Strategies: 3 Ways You Can Hack The Science Section

15 Replies to “ACT Science Strategies: 3 Ways You Can Hack The Science Section”

  1. Umm hey i was watching your video and it turns out that you have a misspelling in slide 2 you said paragrapahs instead of paragraphs.

  2. I’m taking an ACT this year (8th grade). While I was practicing I got a 30 composite without timing, but when I took it timed I got a 25.5. Any tips before I take it for real?

  3. I wouldn’t want to overstep your position as a tutor, but the problem you went over was just a matter of skimming over the content. I think it takes more time to write everything down.

  4. Why do I do bad in the science section of the ACT when i love science and am good at it in school? Is this a common issue?

  5. I have mine in less than a week. On every practice test I take, I score pretty high in everything but science. I actually am currently freaking out because I picture myself getting a 29-35 in everything but science. I see myself getting a 20 in science so I’m not exactly thrilled.

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