ACT Reading Problems: Practice Makes Perfect!

ACE the ACT | The Reading section of the ACT is no “Harry Potter” – unlike a bestselling book, the passages in this section can be dry, dense, and just plain boring. In this video, you’ll learn how to efficiently approach dull ACT reading passages and their questions so you can be ready to tackle them on test day.

Sidhi Gosain is a 99th percentile ACT and SAT instructor for Veritas Prep. She was named a National Merit Finalist and National AP Scholar in high school. Sidhi went on to study neuroscience at Brown University, where she was also inducted into the Sigma Xi honor society and became a branch manager for Ivy Insiders, a program that allows students to set up their own mini-tutoring companies. She’s excited to help other students so that when they walk in on test day, they’re confident that they’ll ACE it!

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ACT Reading Problems: Practice Makes Perfect!

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  1. Very helpful video. I was wondering if you can also provide examples for answering questions such as 1) the tone of the author can be best described as 2) what is the best title for this passage 3) what is the main point.
    thank you

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