ACT Math Prep Tips – Solving Systems Of Equations, Elimination Method

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Learn the best strategies, tips, and tricks for the ACT math test. In this video, we talk about how to solve systems of equations using the elimination method.
ACT Math Prep Tips – Solving Systems Of Equations, Elimination Method

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  1. This helped me understand more the steps of systems of equations. I always would get confused when none of the numbers of x or y were positive or negative. Now I know what to do.

  2. Love your videos! Are there any special rules when plugging in random numbers to equations where there are no numbers to choose from in the answers?

  3. Do you have any examples for a easier way for solving Geometry and Trignometry problems? x’D *never took Trig, and Geometry I just have difficulty in* I’m taking my second ACT tomorrow TwT last time i took it was in 11th and ehhh I made an 18 but I never really REALLY studied for it. Dx

  4. haha, as soon as he realized he can get paid more for this, he opened a paid website for tutoring… so he just left us hangin. Thats why when he says, I will explain in another video, the video cannot be found. like instead of helping thousands of people and not get paid much, he decided to help a few hundred and get paid very well.

  5. great video, great content. Im a senior in high school and I learned this years ago, however I forgot how to do it. This video really helped me remember how to do it, and I know it will help on my ACT. Thanks man!!!

  6. I made a 20 on the ACT and I’m really sad about it. It’s enough to get into a university in my town but I really wanted to leave this town and my act score was all I had to depend on. I’m taking it again in April and possibly June. I’m also taking the SAT in March but I don’t have the confidence to even attempted studying.

  7. I’m sorry but the background music in your tutorial is terribly distracting.

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