ACT Math 21 Concepts To Boost Your Score

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ACT Math 21 Concepts to Boost Your Score. We go over formulas, sample problems, and more to help you boost your score on the math section of the ACT in this video.

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ACT Math 21 Concepts To Boost Your Score

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    Hi Everyone! This video just scratches the surface with less than a third of the concepts I cover in my “HUGE ACT MATH REVIEW” video course for sale. I walk you through 65 Concepts with teaching, example problems and over 3.5 hours of video! If you like my teaching style and want additional help raising your score on the math section of the ACT this course is for you. You can click the link above, in the description or through the about page on my YouTube Channel Mario’s Math Tutoring to find out more. I also have a course for the newly revised SAT one as well or you can get them both at a discount. -Mario

  2. Super helpful thank you so much! I appreciate the depth you go into each of these concepts, a great refresher of things I haven’t touched on in several years!

  3. This is really good. Taking mine in a few months. I’m trying for a composite 34-35 😋. Good thing your channel is here. Been working on my writing section and reading. I just need to practice science and math. Thank you for this!!

  4. Taking the Act september 9! I really like these concepts because most of them look harder than they are! Really like this video.

  5. Hello! For #3 (probability), wouldn’t it be digits 1-9, not 1-10? If you are trying to obtain a 4 digit number, you would need each digit to be singular, so wouldn’t 10 be out? Just wondering.

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