ACT Crash Course! Quick Tips To Improve Your Score! (2015) | Lottie Smalley

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ACT Crash Course! Quick Tips To Improve Your Score! (2015) | Lottie Smalley

34 Replies to “ACT Crash Course! Quick Tips To Improve Your Score! (2015) | Lottie Smalley”

  1. I’m taking the ACT Saturday and this video is so helpful!! Thank you so much. Love your videos!!!

  2. whats the difference between the SAT and the ACT? im from Canada and we don’t have either of those

  3. What is the act? I live in England! Also I love your school videos and I would love to see more! 💘

  4. Wow you are so calm about all this stuff. I get good grades in school but I end up panicking and crumbling under the pressure during these tests! I took both the ACT and SAT over the same four day period in March and I need to retake at least one but I haven’t signed up yet. I need to practice a lot more. I don’t know if this is true, but I feel a lot of times these tests don’t really measure how smart you are, they measure how well you can pick an answer in a time crunch. ): my sister got like a 32 or 33 the first time she took it and so a lot of times I feel like my parents compare her to me but I am a completely different person than her and I learn differently. I think I will retake the SAT though because I like the format of it better because each section is shorter and you get to change subjects more often. I think for me personally the sections on the ACT were too long and I got bored during the middle of it. But I thought on both tests that the essay and English portions were the easiest. Good luck on Saturday and thanks for making this video 🙂

  5. the american system is so different like we cant have labels on bottles, you have to take in a clear pencil case, if you get caught with your phone even if its off you will be disqualified from that exam and could be banned from doing an exams for like 5 years!

  6. I hope you do really super good on your ACT test and i wish you good luck! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  7. Wait what is ACT? Do American schools have tests all year round or just at the end of semester??

  8. This video was amazing, super focussed on your face throughout and close so no background distractions and you look into the lense and not the view finder the whole time, which virtually no-one can do aha. You have developed professional presentation skills 🙂

  9. This is so helpful I take my act on Saturday too and I have not studied at all ugh good thing I am going to retake it in September!

  10. I took the ACT today as well! I took advantage of your tips and they helped tremendously!!! I will definitely be purchasing those books to help me study! Could you do an SAT Crash Course? Thank you so much!😊

  11. I took my first ACT in April and got a 30. So definitely PM me if you have any questions… 
    P.S: I also took the June test. I hated the science section (even though I love science in general). D:

  12. I know you said you wouldn’t share your score but after using that prep book to study, did your score raise significantly? And thanks for the tips, I’m definitely going to use them to study!

  13. I’m in 7th grade and I’m taking the ACT in either December or January. I don’t know any of the formulas and stuff because it’s the high school test. Any advice?

  14. Just wanted to say that the writing section has changed some since uploading this… search google for some updated practice prompts 🙂

  15. Got a 34 on my ACT. “Gruber’s Complete ACT Guide 2015” really helped me because it was essentially a cover of single subject you’ve had until this year. Gary R. Gruber has a PhD and his programs have been used for over 30 years. I only glanced at the “Real ACT Prep Guide” when it came to actually trying my hand at the tests, but it does poorly at explaining the reasons why for each question. If you’re like me and have trouble with understanding some of the more… abstract concepts, then I’d suggest only taking the ACT Prep Guide as a last resort.

    In order to get a good score, you really need to comprehend why you got a question wrong, and understand which sections are your weaknesses. Also, please study ahead of time, not just by one or two weeks. Trust me when I say that it takes longer than what you’d think to cover each portion of the test. If your school holds practice ACT sessions, then you should join in on that as well.

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