CTY JHU Talent Show 2008

Presenting jonfnike13 & MC Q
An RA performance by myself and Keegan, with the help of our boy Louis on the beatbox.
CTY kids love Soulja Boy – Crank Dat so we decided to give them a taste of our version of it.

(Verse 1)
Center for Talented Youth,
Let’s raise the roof,
We spittin’ rhymes like we in the booth,
But we aint gettin’ paid for this show,
We doin’ it strictly ‘cus we like to flow,
But we prolly need the dough,
When y’all witness this show,
We talkin’ bank roll,
Snatchin’ all your souls,
We know you like the flow,
You gon’ need some mo’,
Soon bumpin’ to this song,
At the CTY dance floor,
Lanyards made of gold,
Now watch me you,
Rock this talent show…

(Verse 2)
Swing that lanyard like a fool,
We be all up in Question Mark Field with the whole crew,
Housing office hates us cuz we got too many lockouts,
All you kids just want to pout cuz 10:30 is lights out

(Verse 3)
Fresh Foods Cafe,
We like it that way,
Cloud watching every day,
And I’m an ape that doesn’t bathe


(Verse 4)
Acedemic strength is whatchu do best,
Classes every day will help you pass the tests,
At the end of three weeks we’re sad to see you go,
But guess what you’ll take home?
CTY JHU Talent Show 2008