CTY JHU 2007 – Session 1

I was looking through my computer and found some pictures from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (JHU CTY) Neuroscience class I took back in the summer of 2007, so I made a slideshow, especially because there are so few 2007 vids.
It was a fun summer, of brains, Chipotle trips on Saturdays, and Friday night dances.
If you were in my (Richmond Wong) class or hall, contact me! I’d love to get in touch again (feedusmorethanpeanuts@gmail.com).
Here’s a list of people I can remember, if I left people out, tell me that too!

Christian Flow
Allison Posey
Brian Lucas (or Lukus?)
Emily Wessling
Bryson Lochte
Richmond Wong
James Sha
Charles Bagley
Debby Chen
Jisoo Han
Alex Chen
David Scherr
Robert Shaffer
Samantha (Sam) Choos
Monica Chang
Steven Castellano
Jimmy Elias
Nataniel Mandelberg
Jenny Koenig
CTY JHU 2007 – Session 1