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SSAT Analogies Practice develops your vocabulary | reasoning skills. ePrep Test Prep includes analogy “logic” tips | Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder.

Practice your SSAT Analogies with 174 practice problems with problems and explanations from Master Tutor Karl Schellscheidt, Co-Founder of ePrep test prep company, developer of the “The Learning Cycle” – free sample questions.

SSAT Analogies is Included with the SSAT Practice Test Software in addition to SSAT Math and SSAT Reading questions and answer tips | explanations.

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SSAT Analogies require vocabulary and reasoning ability skills.

SSAT Practice software from ePrep includes Wordsmith Vocabulary Builder, Level A, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

Level “A” words are words you should know prior to high school appropriate for developing sound vocabulary skills for the SSAT analogy section (346 total words).

Level 1 (468 words) masters your vocabulary skills for high school level vocabulary. Level 2 words (393) are college level words.

Wordsmith license as well as the entire SSAT Practice Test Software License provides you continued license access for 365 days from purchase, so you can continue to develop your vocabulary skills even after you sit for the SSAT Test (and continue to watch any of the 450 lesson videos).

Take this year and focus on developing your vocabulary skills in preparation for high school, the SAT and/or the ACT Tests.

Reasoning Ability for SSAT Analogies Section

What you are doing with the analogy question is first to understand the two “stem words” or “root” words from a meaning standpoint, think like a dictionary.

Secondly, you are looking for a sentence that makes sense and/or a “bridge”…”relationship” between the two root words, then you proceed to finding this relationship in the provided answers below.

SSAT Analogy Sample Question in this video.

31. Sweat is to warm as

(A) chatter is to teeth

(B) shiver is to cold

(C) shed is to fur

(D) stretch is to muscle

(E) run is to hurry

33. Empty is to trash can as

(A) wipe is to cloth

(B) fill is to dumpster

(D) vacuum is to dust

(E) wring is to mop

37. Ruler is to scale as

(A) alarm is to limit

(B) horse is to corral

(C) length is to weight

(D) precise is to exact

(E) free is to expensive

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SSAT Analogies | Practice | EPrep Test Prep