Tiger Mom Good or Bad

Who is Tiger Mom?

If you are reading this blog you came to find information on Test Prep for your kids.  You are one step closer to reaching Tiger Mom or Tiger Dad Status.  Lets start off by asking a few questions

Do you have to be Asian?  No

I might be Asian but you can be Caucasian to be a Tiger Parent.  You can be any race.  You just need to be a parent who cares about their child and is willing to do extra to make sure your child succeeds.

Do you have to be a Parent? No

You can be a grandparent or an Uncle or Aunt.  You could be a strong mentor to a child that you care for.  Blood or no blood, love is all that really matters to children.

Are you the type of Guardian who wants the best for their child? Yes

Are you willing to make sure your kids are doing everything possible to maximize their chances of getting into the best colleges in their futures? YES!!!

You ARE a Tiger Parent!!!

Tips on Tiger Parenting

Starting off the best thing that you can do as a parent is to make sure you have one shared goal.  You as a parent and your child should be on the same page as to what both of you want.  Kids at an early age don’t know what and why they are doing certain things.  It would be wise to have them do an assortment of different activities as they are growing older.

As your children get older, explain to them what your goals are for them and why you are having them do everything.  Have them research and learn about different colleges that might interest them.  The child’s goals must match up and align with your goals.  Otherwise, there will be a lot of fighting and arguing about the reason for doing all of the hard work for years upon years.

Your Reasons

Why do you want your child to work so hard?  Is it more important that your child  gets into to their dream school for them or for you?   I have met many parents who are willing and ready to tell others ALL of their hard work.  All the sacrifices that they made, never a word about  ALL the work the child did.  I’m sure you’ve met people out of the blue that will tell you everything that they have done for their child.  It is their accomplishment and not the kids.  Don’t be one of those parents.

Your not the one going to College

Remember, you are not the one going to college.  You are not the one studying hours upon hours for years.  Step back and make sure your children are happy and doing things that they like.  Kids need a nudge every now and again.  Kids don’t want to practice for hours.  Study for hours.  Balance is key.

Stars Aligning

When you are your child finally reach a point where years of work start coalescing then you have reached Tiger Mom/Tiger Child Nirvana.  You are doing everything that you need to do and your child is doing everything that they need to do.  A finely tuned parent and child machine that is going in one direction, the right direction.

Being a Tiger Mom is Good!

What Is The SAT Exam? Must-Know – SAT Experts – TopTestPrep.com

The SAT Exam – What is the SAT Exam? We answer the most common question asked about the SAT exam ( and answer with information to help you prepare when applying to colleges. Learn what is the SAT exam and tips to prepare: The College Board administers the SAT exam each year for students, and the SAT includes sections on Verbal, Reading, Writing and Math.

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What Is The SAT Exam? Must-Know – SAT Experts – TopTestPrep.com

CTY Vincent 2 1/2 I Love You Guys

CTY jhu session 1 2006
vincent 2 1/2 is love
i love you guys like a nerd loves her calculator
CTY Vincent 2 1/2 I Love You Guys

Khan Academy Live: SAT Math

Need help with SAT math? Join Eric, one of Khan Academy’s SAT experts, for an SAT math class. Eric reviews some of the most important math skills for the test and provides tips on how to avoid careless mistakes. This is a recording of our May 16 livestream.
Khan Academy Live: SAT Math

Math Is A Language – Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth

Transcript at
Math Is A Language – Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth

New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 4 – Q1-10

SAT Tips, Tricks and Strategies for the new test – coming March 2016. Here’s a walkthrough of Practice Test #1 Section 4 under timed conditions.
Link to download:
New SAT – Official Test #1 – Math Sect. 4 – Q1-10

SAT Prep: Test 2 Section 3 Part 2

Problems 5-8 starting on page 460
SAT Prep: Test 2 Section 3 Part 2

SAT Test Proctor & Timer (New Format) – Full Test

SAT test / exam proctoring and timer for the new format (from march 2016). This video includes all sections of the SAT New Format, proctor, speech, 5 minutes warning before the end f each section and essay.
I have build this for my own and finally decided to make it available on youtube. My tip for the SAT exam is to use this video on each simulation to experience the ultimate test mood.

Newest SAT Format summary:
preparation: 20 sec.
First section: Reading Test 65 min.
Break: 10 min.
Second section: Writing and Language Test 35 min.
Third section: Math Test- No Calculator section 25 min.
Break: 5 min.
Fourth section: Math Test- Calculator section 55 min.
Break: 2 min.
Fifth section: Essay 50 min.

SAT- Scholastic Assessment Test
I hope that my sharing on Youtube would be useful.
And I would be curios and glad to hear your comments, especially if you find this video beneficial.

Thanks you
By EasyTest
SAT Test Proctor & Timer (New Format) – Full Test

Aiman Honored At Johns Hopkins University Center For Talented Youth Grand Ceremony – Part 1

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth honored students from around the world for exceptional academic achievement on Sunday October 16, 2016 at Shriver Hall. The annual event celebrates middle school students who, as CTY Talent Search participants, achieve scores on such above-grade-level tests as the SAT and ACT that would be impressive even for a high school senior. About 1,000 of the more than 27,000 students in grades two through eight who participated in CTY’s 2015-16 Talent Search were honored at Sunday’s ceremony for their exceptional test scores.

Warm weather welcomed honorees and their families to campus Sunday as proud parents snapped photos of their young scholars on the steps outside Shriver Hall. Some were local; others had traveled to Baltimore from as far away as California and Hong Kong for the event. For many, it was a validation of all the hours spent training their brains.

To qualify for CTY’s Talent Search, Aiman, being in grade 6 at the time (middle school), took a test called SCAT (School and College Ability Test), originally designed to test high school students’ academic abilities. Initially, Aiman’s dad wanted him to take a test that will qualify him for the following year’s summer STEM program for middle school students at Brown University in Rhode Island called SPARK.

Turns out, Aiman did exceptionally well, even though he didn’t really prepare for the test at all. He scored 508/514 on Quantitative (Math). This score is 99th percentile compared to students in Grade 9 (3 grades above him!). On the verbal portion of the test, Aiman scored 476/494 or 94th percentile compared to Grade 9. Aiman scores earned him an invitation to the CTY Grand Ceremony at JHU Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

Aiman is a student at Engineering and Science University Magnet School (ESUMS) in New Haven, Connecticut. ESUMS was recently awarded Top High School for Exemplary STEM Education Programs by The National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) and earned a Finalist Award for the Middle School Category.

To participate in CTY, students must first enroll in the talent search for their respected grade levels. CTY’s Talent Search for grades 2 – 8 is the bridge to CTY, including CTY’s highly regarded summer programs, online courses, and other gifted and talented services and resources designed for advanced young learners.

Each year, more than 30,000 outstanding students from the U.S and abroad sign up to test as part of CTY Talent Search. The test can be taken at throughout the year by prospective students worldwide. Alternatively, students can also take another test called CTY Spatial Test Battery (STB). High School students can choose to take SAT or ACT instead.

Of the invited students, at least 100 students achieved a perfect score on the reading or math section of the test taken, including several students who received 800 on both math and verbal sections of the SAT.

CTY’s Study of Exceptional Talent (SET) also recognizes students under the age of 13 who achieve a score of 700 or higher on the SAT. There were over 400 students who met SET’s qualifications for the 2015-2016 academic year and were invited to the Grand Ceremony.

Students honored at the 2016 Grand Ceremony qualified for CTY’s residential summer programs, online classes, and family academic programs. At CTY, academically advanced students–who come from some 100 countries around the world–meet others like them and form a community of learners.

“Today we take a moment to recognize these young students for their remarkable achievements. We also honor the parents and educators who have helped these promising young people on their road to success,” said Elaine Hansen, executive director of CTY.

Illena Jones and Chris Lehmann were recognized as CTY Distinguished Alumni during the ceremony. Lehmann, who took seven summer courses at CTY, is the founding principal of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, an author, and 2014 winner of the McGraw Prize in Education.

Jones, from Baltimore, took CTY summer courses in genetics and genomics, and earned a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Dartmouth in 2015. Now a research technician at Johns Hopkins University, she has published two papers in the areas of genetics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, and Lady Gaga are all alumni of CTY at Johns Hopkins University.

For Part 1 please watch here:
For Part 2 please watch here:
For Part 3 please watch here:
For Part 4 please watch here:
For Part 5 please watch here:
For Part 6 please watch here:
Aiman Honored At Johns Hopkins University Center For Talented Youth Grand Ceremony – Part 1

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