Tiger Mom Good or Bad

Who is Tiger Mom?

If you are reading this blog you came to find information on Test Prep for your kids.  You are one step closer to reaching Tiger Mom or Tiger Dad Status.  Lets start off by asking a few questions

Do you have to be Asian?  No

I might be Asian but you can be Caucasian to be a Tiger Parent.  You can be any race.  You just need to be a parent who cares about their child and is willing to do extra to make sure your child succeeds.

Do you have to be a Parent? No

You can be a grandparent or an Uncle or Aunt.  You could be a strong mentor to a child that you care for.  Blood or no blood, love is all that really matters to children.

Are you the type of Guardian who wants the best for their child? Yes

Are you willing to make sure your kids are doing everything possible to maximize their chances of getting into the best colleges in their futures? YES!!!

You ARE a Tiger Parent!!!

Tips on Tiger Parenting

Starting off the best thing that you can do as a parent is to make sure you have one shared goal.  You as a parent and your child should be on the same page as to what both of you want.  Kids at an early age don’t know what and why they are doing certain things.  It would be wise to have them do an assortment of different activities as they are growing older.

As your children get older, explain to them what your goals are for them and why you are having them do everything.  Have them research and learn about different colleges that might interest them.  The child’s goals must match up and align with your goals.  Otherwise, there will be a lot of fighting and arguing about the reason for doing all of the hard work for years upon years.

Your Reasons

Why do you want your child to work so hard?  Is it more important that your child  gets into to their dream school for them or for you?   I have met many parents who are willing and ready to tell others ALL of their hard work.  All the sacrifices that they made, never a word about  ALL the work the child did.  I’m sure you’ve met people out of the blue that will tell you everything that they have done for their child.  It is their accomplishment and not the kids.  Don’t be one of those parents.

Your not the one going to College

Remember, you are not the one going to college.  You are not the one studying hours upon hours for years.  Step back and make sure your children are happy and doing things that they like.  Kids need a nudge every now and again.  Kids don’t want to practice for hours.  Study for hours.  Balance is key.

Stars Aligning

When you are your child finally reach a point where years of work start coalescing then you have reached Tiger Mom/Tiger Child Nirvana.  You are doing everything that you need to do and your child is doing everything that they need to do.  A finely tuned parent and child machine that is going in one direction, the right direction.

Being a Tiger Mom is Good!

Baby Got Back (CTY Talent Show 2006)

@ CTY Talent Show
JHU Session I
Baby Got Back (CTY Talent Show 2006)

Green Test Prep – How It Works – How Online ACT And SAT Prep Works (Latest Version)

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Green Test Prep – How It Works – How Online ACT And SAT Prep Works (Latest Version)

SAT Practice Test 1: Section 7 — Question 13 (Math)

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SAT Practice Test 1: Section 7 — Question 13 (Math)

How To Study For The SAT | Tips From A Harvard Student

How I studied for the SAT!

CollegeBoard SAT book (amazon):
Old SAT essays:

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How To Study For The SAT | Tips From A Harvard Student

New SAT English Course: Practice Test 2 Reading 1

This is my take on the first reading and comprehension text of the second practice test available on the Collegeboard website.

I hope you find this video informative and helpful.

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New SAT English Course: Practice Test 2 Reading 1

VLOG #4: CTY (Part 2)

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Welcome to the Center for Talented Youth’s summer programs. Like students with talent in athletics or the arts, students with academic talent deserve the opportunity to develop their skills to highest possible level. Our summer programs offer eligible students from all over the country and around the world the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work in the company of peers who share their exceptional abilities and love of learning. While the focus is on rigorous academics and learning, the social experience that results from bringing these students together is an integral part of the program.

CTY shares with its parent organization, the Johns Hopkins University, a three-part mission of teaching, research, and service.
CTY seeks students of the highest academic ability through its talent search and offers them challenging educational opportunities that develop the intellect, encourage achievement, and nurture social development.
CTY conducts research and evaluation studies that advance knowledge about gifted education; develops best practices in educating highly able children; and disseminates its findings to parents, the education community, and policymakers.
CTY supports educators in their efforts to meet the needs of highly able students, assists parents in advocating for their gifted children, and participates actively in community service.

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VLOG #4: CTY (Part 2)

SAT Practice Test. M-distance Of The Building .18.

All of the buildings in the town that are an m-distance of 3 from the firehouse must lie on a …
SAT Practice Test. M-distance Of The Building .18.

CTY Award Ceremony Part 8

Cty Award Ceremony 2011
CTY Award Ceremony Part 8

New SAT Practice Test 3, Section 3, Problem 1 (no Calculator) – New SAT Prep Math 2018

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New SAT Practice Test 3, Section 3, Problem 1 (no Calculator) – New SAT Prep Math 2018

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